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Empowering individuals with financial knowledge is at the heart of the AFSA Education Foundation’s mission. We also know, however, how challenging it can be to find the right resources for your network of learners. The events listing below includes information about a variety of national awareness campaigns that highlight specific personal finance education needs, such as protecting yourself against identity theft, planning for retirement, understanding student loans, and more. These campaigns are opportunities to participate in a national conversation around the importance of financial education and often offer educational toolkits and additional learning and teaching resources. For each event listing, we have included links to external resources available in the public space with more information as well as a listing of free AFSA Education Foundation materials that complement each campaign’s goals. You can also find more information about how to promote the AFSA Education Foundation’s resources, including MoneySKILL, within our MoneySKILL Ambassador toolkit.
Please note, we encourage you to review all external website materials closely and be mindful that web links may change. Accessing these resources may lead to other non-related content.

Military Consumer Month is an education effort dedicated to protecting and informing military consumers about scams and fraud.

Additional Information:

Military Consumer Blog

Related Material:
  • Specific Modules
    • 33: Identity Theft

College Savings Month is an initiative to inform individuals that saving money for college is one of the most important actions a family can take for their children’s future.

Additional Information:

National Association of State Treasurers: College Savings Month Communications Toolkit (from 2023)

Related Material:

MoneySKILL® Free Personal Finance Course

  • Specific Modules:
    • 1: The Plans We Have for Our Lives
    • 2: Lifetime Plan
    • 3: Earned Income and Skill Demand
    • 4: Earned Income and Skill Supply
    • 22: Savings
    • 32: Student Loans

MoneySKILL® Impact Evaluation Infographic
MoneySKILL® Video: Student Loans Module Introduction