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The AFSA Education Foundation developed MoneySKILL in 2002 as one of the first personal finance courses available online. MoneySKILL has evolved with the times and currently provides educators of all kinds (including parents) with a resource to create high quality, custom, web-based personal finance courses. The curriculum is geared toward middle school, high school, and college students and focuses on a broad range of money management fundamentals. MoneySKILL can be used as a standalone personal finance course or can be included as part of a course in economics, business, math, family and consumer sciences, or wherever personal finance is taught. In addition to being completely free (and ad-free) for all users, MoneySKILL is offered in English and Spanish, contains audio dictation options, and aligns with nationally recognized K-12 personal finance standards. Both the curriculum and its underlying technology infrastructure are updated regularly.

To explore the MoneySKILL curriculum and course features, educators can register for a free instructor account here.