"I like MoneySKILL because it prepares students to make adult decisions, using materials that treat them as adults, not to mention that it's free. Much of the curriculum in high school personal finance tends to provide materials that seem more appropriate for middle school. Those materials will quickly lose the interest of a high school senior." 

Linda Smith
Economics Teacher
Rockwall, Texas

“Teaching middle school students about money is always challenging! When I found the MoneySKILL program, it simplified EVERYTHING! My students love it and I love the ease of the grading and lessons. Thank you!”

Meg Stewart
M.Ed. Instructor
Purvis, Mississippi

“MoneySKILL takes a vast amount of information and divides it compactly into manageable chunks. The students learn the basics across a wide variety of personal finance topics."

Kelly H. Markson Ph.D
Economics Professor
Raleigh, North Carolina