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State-by-State Assessment of Personal Finance Education Standards
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Stand-Alone Personal Finance Standards


The Arkansas State Board of Education has approved the necessary personal finance standards to meet the requirements of Act 480 and Act 466. Beginning with the freshmen class of 2017-18, these acts require students to complete a course that includes specific personal finance standards in grade 9, 10, 11, or 12.

Personal Finance Standards in Career and Technical Education (CTE), Family and Consumer Sciences

Yes. Financial Literacy – Family and Consumer Sciences

Family and Consumer Sciences offers a course in Personal Finance for grades 10-12. The course has a total of six standards, which does not currently meet all the standards required under the new state law.

Personal Finance Embedded in Social Studies or Economics Standards


Revised standards and courses are taken through social studies curriculum.

Personal Finance or Financial Literacy Course Required for Graduation or Required to be Offered


Personal Finance or Financial Literacy Course Required for Graduation or Required to be Offered

The Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) and Arkansas Career Education (ARCareerEd) have aligned and embedded the new standards in existing courses to assist districts with implementation.  If a district chooses to use one of the following revised courses, no course approval will be needed:

  • Financial Literacy (491990) – .5 Career Focus credit
  • Quantitative Literacy (439120) – 1 full credit in math
  • ADE Approved AP Macro Economics and Personal Finance (579130) – .5 credit in economics
  • ADE Approved AP Microeconomics and Personal Finance (579140) – .5 credit in economics
  • Economics (474300)) – .5 credit in social studies or Career Focus credit
  • Financial Planning and Wealth Management (492290) – 1.5 credits (1 Career Focus and .5 economics)

Should districts decide to embed the personal finance standards into an existing approved course other than those mentioned above, a course approval request should be submitted to the Office of Curriculum Support Services for review and approval. All course approvals should be submitted through the online Course Approval System.

State Assessment of Personal Finance Required