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  Sal Calvio

Vice President of Talent Management
Security Finance Corporation of Spartanburg
  John Wilson Gordon, MBA
Director, THE EDGE

Lecturer of Finance
Stetson-Hatcher School of Business
Mercer University
  Billy Fuller
Senior Vice President of Operations
1st Franklin Financial Corporation
  Virginia “Ginger” C. Herring
President & CEO
1st Franklin Financial Corporation
  Bill Himpler
President & CEO
American Financial Services Association
  Tom Hudgins
President & CEO
Western Shamrock Corporation
  Joshua Johnson
President & CEO
Mariner Finance, LLC
  Rochelle McClanahan
Chief Financial Officer
Brundage Management Company
  Sharon Y. Moore
Career Success
  Brad Noel
Executive Vice President – Director of Operations
Republic Finance, LLC
  James W. Schneider
Executive VP & COO
Mariner Finance, LLC
  Sheryl Smith, CRCM
Chief Operating Officer & Chief Risk and Compliance Officer
Omni Financial of Nevada, Inc.
Dan Walters
Credit Central, LLC
  Rhonda Ashburn
Staff Liaison 

Executive Director
AFSA Education Foundation