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Rochelle McClanahan

Chief Financial Officer
Brundage Management Company
Sal Calvio
VP of Talent Management
Security Finance Corporation of Spartanburg
Ronda Cepeda
Director of Auto Lending Sales
Point Predictive
Ellen Conway
Program Director
University of North Carolina Executive Development
Heather Freeland
Director of Design and Client Engagement
University of North Carolina Executive Development
Billy Fuller
Senior Vice President
1st Franklin Financial Corporation
Jennifer Barrett Gauna
Chief Administrative Officer
Flagship Credit Acceptance
Bill Himpler
President & CEO
American Financial Services Association
Gary McQuain
1st Franklin Financial Corporation
Sharon Y. Moore
Career Success
Brad Noel
Executive Vice President – Director of Operations
Republic Finance, LLC
Shunda Robinson
Senior Vice President of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
GM Financial
Dan Walters
Credit Central, LLC
Mitch Wettschurack
VP, Operations Support & Development
Regional Management Corporation
Jeremiah Wheeler
President, DRN
Kelly K. Wight
Senior Program Manager
Jeff Williamson
VP Consumer Finance Director
Anderson Brothers Bank
Rhonda Ashburn
Staff Liaison

Executive Director
AFSA Education Foundation