Leadership Development Program

The AFSA/UNC leadership 6-day intensive program provides an opportunity to invest in the development of your organization's future leaders. With challenging case studies and lively discussions, role-playing and team building exercises, your employees will hone their leadership, strategic thinking and performance skills and "think outside the box." This fast-paced program allows participants to immerse themselves in innovative principles of management and leadership through class discussions, case analyses, ethics, professional presentations, negotiations, experience change simulation and the outdoor team building exercise. Always a highlight of this program is the power of networking with new acquaintances - the future leaders of our industry. 

Due to recent developments with COVID-19, we have made the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 Leadership Development Program. We anticipate the 2021 program will offer similar sessions as outlined in the 2020 brochure. If you have any inquiries, please reach out to info@afsaef.org

To learn more, play the video below to hear from the Leadership Development Program 2019 Class President. 


Program Highlights: 

  • Learning the responsibilities of leadership, how to manage yourself more effectively and adjust your leadership style to changing situations; 
  • Creating a plan for strategic change and receiving immediate feedback on employee buy-in in the context of a challenging computer simulation; 
  • Developing an ethical "rule of thumb" for making business decisions quickly and effectively; 
  • Mastering critical negotiation skills including principled, interest based and win-win negotiation; 
  • Building confidence in the ability to make dynamic and persuasive presentations; 
  • Analyzing strategic decision-making and strategy in the context of a case in the financial service industry; 
  • Experiencing first-hand the dynamics of building trust, collaborating and creating an effective team;
  • Receiving an update on critical regulatory issues;
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