State-by-State Assessment with Regard to Financial Literacy and Personal Finance Education Actions

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Legislation and Authorization Personal Finance in Career Education: The competencies for the approved course in personal finance have been developed and are available.  The State Board of Education approved an increase in the minimum high school graduation standards that includes a required half-unit course in personal finance.  The State Board of Education approved this policy on October 6, 2005.
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Stand-Alone Personal Finance Standards YES Missouri Personal Finance Competencies for the approved course in personal finance were developed. As a starting point, teachers reviewed the personal finance standards from the Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy. Missouri content includes career and income; money management and financial plan; spending and credit; saving and investing; cost/benefit analysis; insurance.
Personal Finance Standards in Career and Techical Education (CTE), Family and Consumer Sciences NO
Personal Finance Embedded in Social Studies or Economics Standards YES Social Studies Course of Study for the 7th grade Civics course includes principles of money management. The 12th grade required semester course in Economics includes concepts of money, personal finance, opportunity costs, and financial literacy principles, including money management skills. (Adopted October 2012)
Personal Finance Embedded in Mathematics Common Core Standard Minor amount
State Has Adopted Mathematics and English Language Arts Common Core YES
Personal Finance or Financial Literacy Course Required or Offered YES A one-semester course is offered in Career Ed - Business Education, Family and Consumer Sciences. Personal Finance may be counted as ½ credit as a practical arts course, a social studies course or a stand-alone elective course.
Personal Finance Course Required for Graduation  YES .5 course in Personal Finance
Personal Finance Content required in Economics or Other Course Required for Graduation   NO Missouri does not accept Consumer Ed and Consumer Math as core courses for graduation.
Prescribed or Recommended Personal Finance Curriculum  YES for Personal Finance offered in Career Education.
State Requires Economic Reasoning /Thinking Skills  YES Common Core and Personal Finance course.
State Standard Correlated with Jump$tart Financial Literacy Standard YES Personal Finance Competencies are based upon Jump$tart Standards.
State Assessment of Personal Finance Required  YES Students who receive personal finance credit from a course or from embedded Personal Finance coursework must take the assessment. Districts have the option to allow students to “test out” in order for that student to receive the ½ unit of credit in Personal Finance required to graduate.
Financial Literacy Bills Currently Being Considered by the State Legislature H.B. 292 requires that beginning with school year 2016-2017, public high school students must successfully complete a transitional skills class to graduate from high school. Transitional skills focus on preparation for independent adult life after high school, building on the principles covered in the required personal finance course.
Financial Literacy Education Bills Signed by Governor and/or Passed by the House and Senate  NONE
State Appropriations and State Dept Education Funding for K-12 NO 
Established Financial Literacy Month N/A