State-by-State Assessment of Personal Finance Education Standards

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Stand-Alone Personal Finance Standards


There are no stand-alone standards for financial literacy; however, Business and Finance Technology Education provides a framework for their course Personal Finance. This framework applies to grades 6-12. These standards are not required to be implemented. The DOE website states that most high schools offer at least a one-half year personal finance course. Personal finance can be taken as an elective and counted toward the career and life skills elective requirement beginning in 2021.

Personal Finance Standards in Career and Technical Education (CTE), Family and Consumer Sciences

No. Personal Finance - Business and Finance Technology Education 

Family and Consumer Sciences does not have specific standards; however, Business and Finance Technology Education offers Personal Finance with eight standards. 

Personal Finance Embedded in Social Studies or Economics Standards


Personal Finance Embedded in Mathematics Common Core Standards 


Personal Finance or Financial Literacy Course Required for Graduation or Required to be Offered


Personal Finance is offered to students as an elective and is not required to meet graduation requirements. 

State Assessment of Personal Finance Required