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MoneySKILL® educates students of all ages on the basic understanding of money-management fundamentals. The course includes the content areas of income, expenses, saving and investing, credit, and insurance. The high school and college course is designed to be used as all or part of a course in economics, business, math, social studies or wherever personal finances are taught. Students can access the modules in the classroom, home, or wherever an Internet connection is available. Built-in quizzes test students' grasp of each concept. Two versions are available: High School/College (adaptable for use by home schoolers and/or employers) and Middle School level. Both the curriculum and its underlying technology infrastructure are updated each year.

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Myth Breakers

If you are like most Americans, you find the concept of managing your personal finances daunting. But it doesn’t have to be. Misinformation and lack of knowledge can prevent individuals and families from achieving financial stability. Read below to see how we break some of the most common personal finance myths that may be getting in the way of your financial success.

Myths vs. Reality

Additional Information

This content is provided by the AFSA Education Foundation for informational and educational purposes and is not intended as financial or legal advice. Individual financial situations may vary.

MoneySKILL® is a comprehensive, interactive online curriculum that teaches personal finance concepts in the areas of income, expenses, credit, saving and investing, and insurance. Its content has been created by experts in the field of finance and credit counseling and is available at no cost. For more information, visit AFSAEF.org.

MoneySKILL takes a vast amount of information and divides it compactly into manageable chunks. The students learn the basics across a wide variety of personal finance topics.

Kelly H. Markson Ph.D.

Economics Professor

Raleigh, North Carolina


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