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News Releases

  • Personal Finance Course Reaches Half Million Mark
  • Popular Vehicle Financing Resource Updated
  • Understanding APR Can Help Underbanked Avoid Bad Loans
  • MoneySKILL Enhanced to Meet Teacher and Student Needs
  • Understanding Credit Risk Can Help Underbanked Make Smart Loan Choices
  • S.C. High School Students Exhibit Financial Literacy Knowledge in Local Competition
  • New Personal Loans 101 Financial Literacy Initiative to Educate Underbanked on Small-Dollar Loans
  • AFSAEF Submits Comment Letter to CFPB on Financial Literacy
  • Consumers Face Changes to Payment Options
  • Pre-Planning Equals Smart Holiday Shopping
  • To Get a Credit Card or Not to Get a Credit Card, That Is the Question for Many College Students
  • Get the Most Out of Your Vacation with Smart Credit Choices
  • Online Personal Finance Course Makes the Grade
  • From Baby Boomers to Gen Y, All Consumers Can Act to Protect Their Credit
  • In an Uncertain Economy, Tried and True Spending Basics Can Help Holiday Shoppers
  • Free Resources Aim to Help Consumers Protect Their Finances
  • Smart Money Tips for This Year's Summer Vacations
  • Emergency Preparations Should Include Finances, Too
  • Financial Literacy Month Initiative Cautions Consumers about Debt Management Settlement Companies
  • Debt Management Services at a Glance
  • Get Your Finances in Shape for 2009
  • Smart Credit Card Strategies for the '08 Holiday Season
  • AFSAEF Comment Letter Advocates Personal Finance in Virginia Schools
  • Six Factors that Matter for Students When Comparing Credit Card Offers
  • College Preparations Should Include a Talk about Credit Cards
  • AFSA Education Foundation Submits Written Testimony for House Hearing on Financial Literacy and Education
    UNC Management Development Program
    National Institute on Consumer Credit Management

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