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Management Development

2006 Brochure

2006 UNC Executive Presence Program
May 4-5, 2006
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC
1.5 days

Session will help individuals develop the skills and strategies necessary for developing an executive "presence." Learn how the verbal, visual and vocal work together to help you deliver information confidently. An addition to this year's session will be writing strategies geared to help individuals outline, develop and create efficient and effective written communication.

2006 National Institute on Consumer Credit Management (NICCM)
June 4-9, 2006
Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Management I - Knowledge
Management II - Application of Knowledge

Two-year program offered to and designed for high-potential branch managers, team leaders and supervisors who are on the "fast track" in their career development.

2006 UNC Management Development Program
July 9-21, 2006
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC

Program builds on the current managerial effectiveness of high-potential middle managers while preparing them for future leadership roles within their organizations. This program features an outdoor experience — "Ropes Course" that focuses on leadership, teamwork, problem solving and self discovery.
UNC Management Development Program
National Institute on Consumer Credit Management

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