West Virginia

State-by-State Assessment with Regard to Financial Literacy and Personal Finance Education Actions

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Legislation and Authorization The West Virginia Board of Education adopted revisions to the Social Studies Content Standards and Objectives. Personal Finance now provided in Twelfth Grade Social Studies Content Standards: Civics for the 21st Century is the capstone social studies course combining civics, economics and geography to prepare students as 21st Century citizens. Students engage 21st century tools to expand upon their critical thinking and problem-solving skills allowing them to become financially literate, to develop civic efficacy, and to acquire the geographic knowledge necessary to understand the physical and human systems of the world. Students become informed decision makers as they work collaboratively and develop a correct awareness of their place in a global society. Updated - Word Doc. Effective July 1, 2012
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Stand-Alone Personal Finance Standards NO
Personal Finance Standards in Career and Techical Education (CTE), Family and Consumer Sciences NO
Personal Finance Embedded in Social Studies or Economics Standards YES Economics/Personal Finance Standards in Civics for the Next Generation Standards content includes the following: evaluate income, lifestyle, education and employment decisions to make successful career choices; simulate managing the income and expenses of a household including saving, budgeting, banking services; examine the advantages and disadvantages of different types of consumer debt to make sound financial decisions (e.g., home loans, credit card debt, automobile loans, pay-day loans and rent-to-own); develop the knowledge and practices of a savvy consumer who knows consumer rights and responsibilities, can identify and avoid fraudulent practices and guard against identify theft; assess and develop financial habits that promote economic security, stability and growth - investments (e.g., stocks, mutual funds, certificates of deposits and commodity trading) and insurance (e.g., life insurance, health insurance, automobile insurance, home and renters insurance and retirement plans). Effective July1, 2012.
Personal Finance Embedded in Mathematics Common Core Standard Minor amount
State Has Adopted Mathematics and English Language Arts Common Core YES
Personal Finance or Financial Literacy Course Required or Offered NO 
Personal Finance Course Required for Graduation  NO
Personal Finance Content required in Economics or Other Course Required for Graduation   YES West Virginia requires Civics for the Next Generation course for graduation. The course includes extensive personal finance content.
Prescribed or Recommended Personal Finance Curriculum  NO
State Requires Economic Reasoning /Thinking Skills  YES Through economics and personal finance Social Studies Civics course.
State Standard Correlated with Jump$tart Financial Literacy Standard NO
State Assessment of Personal Finance Required  NO
Financial Literacy Bills Currently Being Considered by the State Legislature NONE 
Financial Literacy Education Bills Signed by Governor and/or Passed by the House and Senate  H.B. 2837 signed by the governor 4/20/05, in Act 88 prescribes personal finance instruction in secondary schools by the state Board of Education.
State Appropriations and State Dept Education Funding for K-12 NO 
Established Financial Literacy Month N/A