State-by-State Assessment with Regard to Financial Literacy and Personal Finance Education Actions

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Legislation and Authorization Bill in Legislature - H.B. 1518 Allows local school boards to implement economics education and financial literacy requirements, with Board of Education approval, through other educational programs that meet Board objectives, in addition to relevant Standards of Learning and career and technical education programs.
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Stand-Alone Personal Finance Standards NO
Personal Finance Standards in Career and Techical Education (CTE), Family and Consumer Sciences NO
Personal Finance Embedded in Social Studies or Economics Standards YES Vermont History and Social Sciences Grade Expectations – Economics. Example: Students make economic decisions as a consumer, producer, saver, investor, and citizen by developing strategies for earning and spending utilizing a system of accounting (e.g., creating a budget).
Personal Finance Embedded in Mathematics Common Core Standard Minor amount
State Has Adopted Mathematics and English Language Arts Common Core YES
Personal Finance or Financial Literacy Course Required or Offered NO 
Personal Finance Course Required for Graduation   NO
Personal Finance Content required in Economics or Other Course Required for Graduation   NO Vermont does not require personal finance and economics for graduation.
Prescribed or Recommended Personal Finance Curriculum  NO
State Requires Economic Reasoning /Thinking Skills  YES To a minor extent through Common Core, with a small amount of personal finance in the math standard.
State Standard Correlated with Jump$tart Financial Literacy Standard NO
State Assessment of Personal Finance Required  NO
Financial Literacy Bills Currently Being Considered by the State Legislature NONE 
Financial Literacy Education Bills Signed by Governor and/or Passed by the House and Senate  NONE
State Appropriations and State Dept Education Funding for K-12 NO 
Established Financial Literacy Month N/A