State-by-State Assessment of Personal Finance Education Standards

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Stand-Alone Personal Finance Standards


As of September 2011, all local school systems are required to offer a program of instruction in financial literacy education for students in grades 3-12. Each program of instruction must be aligned to the Maryland Personal Financial Literacy State Curriculum Standards. 

Personal Finance Standards in Career and Technical Education (CTE), Family and Consumer Sciences


While there are some standards embedded within courses of the FCS program of study, there is not a stand-alone course for personal financial literacy. 

Personal Finance Embedded in Social Studies or Economics Standards 


Personal financial literacy standards are embedded within the economics curriculum grades 3-8. 

Personal Finance Embedded in Mathematics Common Core Standards 


Personal financial literacy is embedded in Algebra I. 

Personal Finance or Financial Literacy Course Required for Graduation or Required to be Offered


All students are required to received instruction from grades 3-12 utilizing the standards set forth by the state. 

State Assessment of Personal Finance Required


While there is no specific assessment for financial literacy, financial literacy concepts are tested through the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers, PARCC.