State-by-State Assessment of Personal Finance Education Standards

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Stand-Alone Personal Finance Standards


Personal financial literacy standards are embedded in Georgia’s high school social studies curriculum. 

Personal Finance Standards in Career and Technical Education (CTE), Family and Consumer Sciences


Family and Consumer Sciences does not have specific standards; however, Business, Management and Administration; Finance; Information Technology does have standards embedded in a course entitled, Financial Literacy. 

Personal Finance Embedded in Social Studies or Economics Standards 


Personal Financial Literacy Standards are embedded in Georgia’s social studies curriculum, specifically the Economics course which is offered for half a credit and is a required course for graduation. Personal Financial Literacy is also an elective credit office through the social studies curriculum as well. 

Personal Finance Embedded in Mathematics Common Core Standards


Mathematics of Finance is offered as a core/elective credit. The course concentrates on the mathematics necessary to understand and make informed decisions related to personal finance. Students will still be required to complete economics to earn their financial literacy requirement. 

Personal Finance or Financial Literacy Course Required for Graduation or Required to be Offered


Students are required to take economics during 9-12 grades to receive their financial literacy standards required for graduation. 

State Assessment of Personal Finance Required


Georgia Milestones Assessment System tests students in all core areas, economics, being one of those. The assessment serves as the final exam for the course and contributes 20% of the student’s final course grade.