State-by-State Assessment of Personal Finance Education Standards

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Stand-Alone Personal Finance Standards


In January 2018, the State Board of Education approved new K-12 financial literacy standards. Standards are in blocks by the following grade: K-3, 4-5, 6-8, and 9-12. The standards are not required to be implemented by districts, nor are they are of a course required for graduation. The taskforce is working on next steps which include gathering data from school districts, implementing a timeline for training teachers and models for implementation. 


Personal Finance Standards in Career and Technical Education (CTE), Family and Consumer Sciences 


There are no FCS course with personal financial literacy standards. 


Personal Finance Embedded in Social Studies or Economics Standards 


Financial Literacy standards are embedded in Economics grades K-12. Not all grades are taught financial literacy standards. 


Economics: K-12


Personal Finance Embedded in Mathematics Common Core Standards 



Personal Finance or Financial Literacy Course Required for Graduation or Required to be Offered


Financial Literacy is not required for graduation nor is it required to be offered at this time. The state’s Financial Literacy Task Force is currently working to establish more guidelines for school districts. 


State Assessment of Personal Finance Required