Integrating Videos to Enhance Interactivity

To help bring interactive and visual elements to your classroom and the MoneySKILL® curriculum, we’ve compiled some video aides that will help you and your students be even more engaged with the MoneySKILL program. As is needed with all educational resources we encourage you to review the tools prior to using in the classroom to make sure the content is suitable and appropriate for your students.

1. MoneySKILL Overview

The AFSAEF has a video overview of MoneySKILL, which can be offered at the beginning of the MoneySKILL course. This resource provides both the teacher and student perspective of the benefits of MoneySKILL.

2. Kid's Perspective on Money

We all know humor in the classroom can be a good thing. Check out this funny video showing how children view money (recorded in the form of an Art Linkletter Kid's Say the Darndest Things).

3. Financial Football

During the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC)'s Annual Conference, Visa showcased innovative financial resources, including a demonstration of NFL-themed Financial Football educational video game by Visa’s Head of U.S. Financial Education, Hugh Norton.

4. FTC's Video & Media Resources

Over the years the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has worked with the AFSAEF on many collaborative efforts. Most recently, FTC representatives have offered the Foundation links to videos, video games, and audio messages which cover a wide range of topics from saving to protecting your identity.

FTC Resources

5. Lights, Camera, Save! Contest

Each year, across the country, the American Bankers Association Foundation conducts their Lights, Camera, Save! video contest.  The contest, which runs from Oct. 1 – Dec. 3, is designed to inspire teens to educate themselves and their peers about the value of saving and using money wisely.  Previous year’s finalists and national winners can be viewed via the ABA YouTube Channel.  Visit to learn more about the contest.

6. Students Get Curious About Retiring

The Squared Away Blog offers a NYTimes video, which provides important views from many people on retirement and could serve as a supplement to the retirement module.

Students Get Curious About Retiring

7. Better Money Habits®

From understanding credit to taxes and income, Bank of America's Better Money Habits learning suite offers a number of educational videos and tips.

Better Money Habits

8. Videos for Financial Education Programs and Teacher Lesson Plans

Barbara O’Neill, Distinguished Professor at Rutgers Cooperative Extension, has done work to create the “Best of the Best Favorite Financial Education Resources” including personal finance videos. The criteria she set for the videos included conciseness, cuteness to include rock song parody videos, animated videos with cute graphics, and “whiteboard” videos. Amazingly, she viewed 2,000 videos and selected 250.